Either-Or Tag :)

Martini, who is such a wonderful person, chose me as one of the people to tag in this game.  I feel honored that any one would want my answers, so here goes....


BOOKLET OR TOME?  Tome, definitely.  I really enjoy long books.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW?  I really don't have a preference.  I like books where the spines are not broken, but at the same time, I like books that have been loved before I received them.


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY?  I actually like both of these.  I could say which ever one sounds most interesting, but, in all honesty, I most likely will choose the fantasy.  Fantasy and sci-fi are the two genres that I choose above all else and always have.


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK?  Hardcover.  They look prettier on the shelf and I just like them.


FUNNY OR SAD?  Sad.  (Has anyone else chosen that?)  I don't find most "funny" things funny.  If it says it's a "comedy," I won't pick it unless the description really wins me over because of this.  Now, if it's of another genre and it has sarcastic anti-heroes in it, then I'll probably get out a few giggles, but I'd rather just be sad then finish a book that's supposed to be funny and realize I've only laughed twice.  (Make sense?)


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER?  Um ... Haha I'm just kidding.  This one is easy.  Seasons do not matter to me.  I don't know of any time I wouldn't want to be reading.  During the summer, I can read out on my porch in my "garden" or down by the pool.  I can make myself comfortable at a picnic table at the park or on a park bench.  Winter, I can curl up on my couch under a blanket or in front of a fire.  So, either way works just fine for me.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  This depends on my mood.  Sometimes I just want something "comfortable" - old classics that I have read before soothe me.  Other times I want something I've never read before, something new and exciting.




CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER?  This depends.  I like crime novels, but if they are slow moving, then I'll get bored and won't enjoy it as much.  Thrillers are great because they have action and suspense.


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  I love physical books BUT I love my Kindle.  I hadn't realized just how much I read my Kindle until the other day when I was reading a physical book and I realized that I can't highlight, can't look things up in the dictionary, can't write a note - but it didn't stop my fingers from trying the first couple of chapters haha.  Also, my wrist and arm were sore, which I don't get with my Kindle.  I have shelves full of print editions, but I have to say, I really like e-books (and I never actually thought I would).  Both.  But, you know, all those other things I said.


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  *walks up to the podium at the front of the room* Hello, my name is Meghan, and I'm a book hoarder.


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE?  This is a both kinda answer too.  It depends on what I'm looking for.  Sometimes it's just easier to find it on Amazon, but I love going to a bookstore and browsing (and leaving with a few books).  Whether it's the little mom-and-pop down the road, B&N or the thrift store that has a huge book section, I like going through and spending hours looking around and touching and selecting what it is I want.


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  To be honest, when I'm reading to read (and not doing r2rs), how long it's been out and all that jazz doesn't really matter to me.  A lot of times I don't even start a series until everyone I know has finished it (which is also how I do TV series).  If it is a trilogy or a series, I will sometimes wait until I have the whole thing.  It really is all about my mood when I choose a book - I just skim, grab a title off the Cloud, and get reading.


BEST OR BAD SELLER?  Your bad could be my good and vice versa. 


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK?  Yes, please haha.  These are my weakness - both both both.  I love cookbooks and baking books.  I am a chef without a kitchen.  I am a purveyor of delectable fare and pulchritudinous confections.  This is my thing.  When I'm in a bad mood, sad, angry - whatever - I write, I read, but THIS (cooking and baking) is what I do to make myself happy, even if I give it all a way to someone else to eat.  I will spend more money on a cookbook or baking book then I will spend on anything else - and I will read it from cover to cover just like a novel.  These are my guilty pleasures.


Ok, now I'm supposed to "tag" people, but since this, I guess, began while I was away on vacation, I haven't finished catching up on everything all of y'all have written and, therefore, have no clue who has all been tagged and who has all been not.  So, I tag you.  No, not him.  YOU!!  Yes, YOU, the one who hasn't filled out one of these yet.  You are who I want to answer the questions.  So, have fun and enjoy. :)