Mommy's a Mole

Mommy's a Mole: Unravelling the Joan Webster Murder & Other Secrets in a CIA Family - Eve Carson

On November 28, 1981, two days after Thanksgiving, Joan Webster goes missing from Logan Airport.  Eve is Joan's sister-in-law (married, at the time, to Joan's brother) and these are the events that occurred within the family and throughout the investigation since her disappearance, plus the research that Eve did on the case in the hopes to find out who the real killer is.

Included inside are documents and photos.  Also, Eve included a few other documents in the envelope the book came in and informed me that if I needed to see anything else, she'd be glad to share them with me.

She is angry and understandably so - not only did she lose a close friend (Joan), but also had her husband's family destroy her family and her relationship with her daughters.  You can feel her anger in her writing and can't help but become angry yourself.

She jumps around a lot while collecting all of her facts, which sometimes makes things a little confusing.  She also inserts conversations and sometimes it's hard to decipher whether they really happened or are alliteration based on testimony.  (In the end, she does explain these.)

This is an incredible story.  I really felt sorry for this lady, her children, the man sentenced for this murder ... and for Joan.  Eve and her children were not only mistreated by her husband and his family, but also the counselors who refused to look at the proof (photocopies of her daughter's journal) she provided, refused to believe her, to even talk to her, or really help these kids, this family.  The behavior of the children is absolutely shocking as well.  The fact that police, ADAs, special agents, etc were all able to get away with such a gross miscarriage of justice is really disheartening.  These are the people we are supposed to trust.  I can only hope that this book leads to the powers-that-be getting all the evidence into one place and going over it with a fine tooth comb like Eve did.  And I pray that eventually her relationship with her daughters can be fixed.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  (She actually sent me a physical copy and, I must say, it is a very pretty book.)