Depths by Jason Parent & Elizabeth Los

Sanitarium #15 (Horror Fiction and Dark Verse) Magazine - Barry Skelhorn, Luke Tarzian, James Everington, Paul Magnan, Elizabeth Los, Stephanie Ellis, Amber Siddiqui, Jason Parent, Corey Robert, Ross Warren, Anthony Crowley

I will be completely honest with you, I purchased this for one reason and one reason only - Jason's story. Yup - $2.99 for one short story. When you come across an author that writes like he does, this is what you do. :)

I've probably told everyone I know how good his book, What Hides Within, is (and even plan on giving it and one of Evans Light's stories as holiday gifts this year). He is definitely an author to take a look at and I'm excited to see what he gives us next.

This story was beyond good. Everything about it. I'm not even sure how to write this review because everything I want to say will give away just a little too much.

It starts out and you're thinking one thing, then you get this twist and you're thinking another thing, then a couple of years pass and you're thinking something else, and then another twist and then another twist and you're like hmm ... and then the end? Just ...

There. Make sense? That's where I'm at with this story. I liked it so much I'm speechless :p

Now I need to check out what else is in this thing and see if anything comes close to matching up ...