Reading progress update: I've read 7%.

The Paradise of Glass (The Glassblower Trilogy) - Samuel Willcocks, Petra Durst-Benning

I went into this series unsure whether I would like it or not.  The bad reviews I read about it spoke of very unlikeable characters and a lot more romance than history, but I went ahead and gave it a try anyways.


They were right.  There are some very unlikeable characters in these stories, but I disagree with the ones that say there's nothing redeemable or likable about the sisters.  They each have very good parts to them, and have, over time, changed in ways that I did not like at all, making some of my favorite characters not my favorite at all, however I wouldn't say they weren't redeemable or likable, in their own ways.  Horrible things have happened in their lives, as well as wonderful things.


(I'm trying ever so hard to not spoil things for anyone who plans to read the series.  This is hard.)


My favorite part so far is seeing another side to a character I have loathed for almost two books.  To see the change that has come over him, to see him express his feelings, something he's never done in all this story, was just amazing.  When I finished reading what he had to say (it was towards the end of book two), I just sat there, Kindle in hand, trying to digest it all.


This whole series - good parts and bad parts, rape scene and death - is well worth the read just for that one experience.  I can't wait to finish this book, but am also saddened that the story will end when I do.


I will be honest - I'm not exactly sure I like where one character is heading so far in this book.  She wanted so much more, and I feel like part of her thinks she's in the position where she has to settle not finding her true purpose (or maybe she has and I just haven't seen it yet).  As I've learned with the other two books, though, you never know where its going to head.