My mom has been a big fan of Freebooksy for what seems like forever now, but every day, as she looks through the list of books they send her, she complains about the amount of "boring" cozy mysteries there are.


She somehow ended up on the page where she gets to select books and found that she had, in fact, at some point, marked them as things she loved, and very quickly fixed that.  


The reason I tell you this story, though, is that if I ever did wonder if I was adopted (which I never have, but still), I would know for certain today that I was not.


Mom: "I am just so SICK of all these stupid cozy mysteries with their bumbling men and their perfectly perfect women.  And how do they even make a living??!!  'Hi, my name is Joanna and I make pumpernickel cupcakes.'  Gah!!"


I laughed so hard...  Pumpernickel cupcakes?!?!  How gross hahahaha.


(Might not be funny to ANYONE else in the world, but I'm still laughing just writing it there haha.)