Why are some reviews so complicated?

Yesterday I sat at my laptop for over an hour trying to write a review for a book - Over. An. Hour - and the review still isn't written.


Here's the basic thing.  There are three books, two movies, and a fourth book is already up for pre-order, being released this time next year.


When I originally got the books (after book three came out), I knew nothing about the movies, and I've looked back at the descriptions on Amazon - the movies are not mentioned at all.


I didn't find out about the movies until I was working on my epic and thorough Disney movie marathon list that mother and I are slowly but surely getting through and, to be honest, I didn't even realize that they were connected to the books until the end of book two when I saw a mention to the movies that were based on the books.


Now... I really enjoyed book one, even if I thought it was silly that it's directed towards grades 4-6, but the main characters are in high school (it just seemed odd and unusual, but then that could be just me) and the ending seemed to be just a little too easy.  


I quickly jumped into book two, and was immediately disappointed by the fact that something EPIC happened BETWEEN books one and two.  WHY did we not get to watch the EPIC thing happen?  To make matters worse, this EPIC thing had only two pages directed to it at the front of the book, along with some mentions here and there in the story - enough to gain some information, but not enough to really get the whole and complete picture.  Also, things were very different from book one and book two, all because of the events that happened during the EPIC thing.


Book two, though, was good, except for all the questions I had that went unanswered, and the same complaints I had for book two.  (I had the same complaints about book three as well.)


When I sat down to write the review, I first tried to write it as a review of the first book... and that didn't work.  Then I decided to try writing it as the entire trilogy... but that didn't work either (mainly because I couldn't figure out how I wanted to set it all up, and that bothers me).  Then I went back to writing the review of just the first book.  Everything I wrote either didn't sound like me and the way I talk, or sounded too stuffy, and all I could think about was the "issue" between the two books.


Something made me go look at the info on the two movies on INDB, and there I realized that the first movie actually takes place BETWEEN book one and book two and IS the EPIC thing that I was complaining about, but there's nothing in the movie pages or in the book pages mentioning this.


The second movie is very strange, as it has a lot of the same characters from book three, but a completely different story, and seems to act like book three never even existed, especially since the two main characters of the second movie had a confrontation in book three, and both books act as if the other confrontation did not happen.


I am so confused.  This is so frustrating.  And writing this review is probably the most complicated one I've written yet.


My mother suggested that I watch the two movies, and then do one giant review about the three books and two movies, mentioning the issues that I have said here, and I think that's a good idea.


Has anyone else ever found a book to be so complicated to review?  Or run into issues such as this one?