REVIEW: The Cheesehead Devotional

The Cheesehead Devotional: Daily Meditations for Green Bay Packers, Their Fans, and NFL Football Fanatics - Judy DuCharme

I am a huge Packers fan and enjoy reading devotionals, so when I was asked if I would be interested in this blog tour, I went ahead and said yes.


I usually like to read one devotional a day so that I have time to think on the subject matter and work to add that into my life, but this was a last minute thing and I sat down to read it in one sitting.


The book is a light read, but has some substantial information in it. Each chapter is short (two to three pages), beginning with a story about the Packers, and then adding information on the subject in an easy to read manner, helping you to take a look at your life and live in a way that God would want you to.


I like how the author incorporated the stories into the subject and how she explained each thing in a way that is easy to understand, plus the fact that each chapter ends with a small prayer.


Throughout the book, though, I wondered how the two go together. Yes, Reggie White - as well as the rest of the Packers - have always been religious, but it seemed like an odd thing to mix together, football and prayer. As I continued reading, though, I was reminded of just how much, when I was growing up, the two were combined, and was glad to see that prayer had not been forgotten in football.


It was a good book, one I plan to go back and take a look at as I make some of these a part of my life.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.