REVIEW: Things We Fear

Things We Fear - Glenn Rolfe

This story revolves around three characters, all teachers, and the events that happen in the few days after summer break begins. Lesson learned: There are monsters in this world. And you never know when one of those monsters is someone you work with every day.


Glenn had me hooked from the very first page of the book. Not only with his writing and characters, but the fact that he didn't wait to get things started, showing us from the very beginning the truth about the characters he was including in the story. The great thing is that knowing actually added to the scare factor, added to the anticipation.


I really enjoyed getting to know Aaron Jackson and Emily Young. They were very down-to-earth people and, as they got closer together, and we learned more about them, the character development really showed through. Aaron's backstory was well-written and made him even more lovable. The character Matt Holmes was well thought out and the fact that he was so real, like someone you could meet any day of the week, made him even scarier. The older couple that rented Aaron the little house were, by far, my favorites. They remind me of two people I've met recently, and I just wanted to hug them for being so awesome.


As the story concluded, everything coming together, it was just one shock after another. And it was perfect. It's been awhile since such a short story really captured me like this one did.


Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.