The Red Highway

The Red Highway - E. Robert Dunn, David G. Barnett, Erik Wilson

This book was far from what I expected: Porn stars, junkies, alcoholics, ex-preachers, demons - and a city on the brink of exploding into riot. Robert Dunn has taken his story straight from the headlines... and added his own unique spin to things.


Paul Souther, the main character, is one of those anti-heroes that I can't help but love. As he heads to Los Angeles - a place he is drawn to with this uncontrollable need - he picks up a few stragglers along the way, a few misfits that feel the same way he does. Once there, his group becomes larger, and it is up to his "family" to save the innocent from the destruction that is upon them.


This book is full of heart-racing adventure, and there is no time, once it all begins, for you to catch your breath. The characters are what some would consider the dregs of society, and yet they are the heroes in the whole thing, the ones that put their lives on the line. I would hope that, with such great characters to choose from, Mr. Dunn gives us another book where we can learn more about them and their future.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.