Bad Apples 2: Six Slices of Halloween Horror

Bad Apples 2: Six Slices of Halloween Horror - Kealan Patrick Burke, Evans Light, Jason  Parent, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn

I have read quite a bit from every person in this book, so when I found out that Bad Apples 2 was out, I could not wait to get time to read it. And, as usual, I was not disappointed. Another quality anthology, and one I hope continues for years to come.


Halloweekend - 3 1/2
A story about a haunted house with misbehaving animatronics, done in typical Edward Lorn fashion. A good story, but not his best work. I like the things he comes up with, the stories he tells, and sometimes the way he tells them, just not always the way he writes them. I think he has a tendency to go "too far" not because the story needs it, but for shock value. I enjoyed the way the animatronics were depicted and the fact that there was a surprise "appearance" from a character seen in last year's story, but I found this comical instead of scary.

Candy Apple - 5

I enjoy this story a little more every time I read it. Evans has a way of creeping you're reading his words, and at the same time giving your imagination everything it needs to run wild with the story and characters he's played out before you. This story, to me, is a bit of a warning about the things that can happen to you when you play a holiday game by yourself... and what happens when you're not careful about the wishes you make.


Dia de los Muertos - 4 1/2
Two Bad Apples, two times Jason Parent has scared the nonsense out of me. Last time, I knew a child with the same name as the child in his story... with an imaginary friend of the same name. This time, upon reading the line that mentioned the lights going out, the ones in the room I was in turned off, leaving me in complete darkness. And I could have sworn I heard nails skittering across the wall. It was a bit before I was able to pick the book up again.

A very good story that went in directions I never expected, with a "hero" that is not typical in stories. Mr. Parent's writing is never a disappointment and I look forward to what he comes up with next.


Tommy Rotten - 5
I have been impressed with Adam's writing since the first story of his that I read. With each new piece, I am more and more amazed at his imagination and talent.

I was super excited about this story. It has been one of my favorites of his and creeps me out every time I read it. The ending was really good and made me wish that there was more to the story. Like his brother, he has a knack for giving your imagination the extra push that leaves you laying in bed, lights out, eyes as wide as saucers, watching every shadow, questioning every sound.


The One Night of the Year - 5
Kealan Patrick Burke being part of this was a huge surprise and made Bad Apples 2 more enticing than it already was. Talk about a talented guy. And this story was perfect.

I was lying in bed, reading this book, enjoying every second of this story... until I got about halfway through. I will admit that I had to close my Kindle, vowing to continue reading once the sun was back up. I want to thank you for that, Kealan. You have a way with words and an impressive talent - and you managed to scare me enough that I wasn't sure I wanted to pick this book back up. The characters are well written, and the story will be haunting me, and keeping me wondering on Halloween for the rest of my life.


Doctor Proclivity & Professor Propensity - 5
Ever since I experienced Six Dead Spots (a book I still have problems describing with anything more than "Gregor writes crazy so well"), I have been a fan and, in all honesty, his story is the one I looked forward to the most in this collection.

All I can say is: Gregor Xane has done it again. I had wondered why his was last and now I know - it would have been tough to follow. The characters are great, the story so intriguing that, once it began, I could not stop reading until it was done. Twists and turns, unexpected moments, and the end nowhere close to what I expected, open enough to keep my mind in the story long after I had finished. I am left wanting to know more - and wanting more from this author.