Wolf Land

Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz is an amazing author and a really nice guy, so when I saw that he had a blog tour coming up with Hook of a Book - and for Wolf Land - I jumped on board. (Book tours always give me a reason to move books I have on hand further up on my TBR list haha.)


Janz has a talent that, unfortunately, most writers do not have. He not only knows how to write a story that stays with you and gets into your head, but his use of characters and setting are simply spot on in every book I have read of his. His characters, even the bad ones, have a way of grabbing your attention (and sometimes your heartstrings), and I'm always surprised to see who makes it through the story (they really are never the ones I expect). His settings could be anywhere; you could walk past "this place" everyday of your life and never even think about it until you start reading his latest... and that's where he first gets me every time. His description of events are powerful - and sometimes so gory - but so... perfect.


From the very first page, I was drawn into a story that, to be honest, scared me. I mean REALLY scared me. And not just while I was reading it. Even after I put the book down, the story remained right there on the very outskirts of my thoughts, waiting to sneak back in when the lights were out, when I was walking past a large grouping of trees down the road from my place, when I came home from the grocery store in the dark. I'll be honest: When I finished this book last night, I sat there for a good half hour taking it all in. This was after two days of sleepless nights, of not getting to bed until really late (like 3am and after) unable to put the book down. And, after enjoying my view of the trees behind my building... and being convinced that I saw something moving in them, something large and... We'll just say that all my lights stayed on last night.


As usual, I enjoyed his characters - and was a tad disappointed when some of the characters (the ones that typically survive these kinds of things) died early on. I really liked Duane and Joyce - Duane because he grew after the horrific event, and Joyce because I completely relate to her.