Asylum II: 13 More Tales of Terror

Asylum II - Matt Drabble

I'm not really a "fan-girl" kinda person. I mean, I have authors that I follow, even authors that I consider friends, but I am a fan of books in general, longing for my next great read, no matter who it is by. There are a handful (or two) of people, though, that I wait with breathless anticipation for their next book to come out, a handful (or two) of people I have been following long before I decided to take the step to become a book blogger.


Matt Drabble is one of those authors. Ever since 2013, when I read Abra-Cadaver, every time I hear he is coming out with a new book, I just have to have it. Fortunately, this is the second blog tour that he has done with Sage, and she knows how I feel about this author, so I received an email telling me she had a copy with my name on it and wanted to know what date I was game.


I was so excited to finally be able to sit down and open this book. And, as usual, he did not disappoint. Each book gets scarier and scarier - and I don't mean scary as in, right at this moment I am scared, but later on I forget all about it. I mean, scary now and, when I turn off the lights to go to sleep at night, I am just as freaked out ... and some times even more so, laying there, thoughts rushing through my mind, pretty sure I see a character or two of his hiding in the shadows of my apartment.


I love how each of these stories are a standalone, and yet, they all work together as cogs in the wheel of the bigger picture. There are twists, turns, frights, unexpected events, characters that you grow to love, ones that you despise from the first time you meet them ... and each story left me wanting more. My only complaint - which is my usual complaint with his books - is that they have to end, and I have to wait once again for him to give me something more from his imagination.


If you are a fan of horror, I definitely recommend you pick up one of the books by this author. He is well worth your time.