Captive Art 1: Canvas Bound

Canvas Bound - Laura M. Kolar

All Libby wants to do is paint. Unfortunately, the people outside of the world in her head (and on her canvas) expect more from her. While attending a dinner that was required by her school, she meets both Brent and Dean. Despite the fact that Dean has a girlfriend, he seems to be there every time Libby is alone - and it's a "problem" she definitely doesn't hate. She never could have guessed that things would get much weirder than just the fact that her paintings come to life. Her first year at Aldridge Art Academy is definitely not what she wanted, or expected, and it's a journey she will not soon forget.


This is definitely one of my most favorite YA books to date. The story is very interesting, the characters likable, the writing really good, and each chapter made it even more impossible for me to put down. The adventure was fun and exciting, creative, and different.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a mixture of YA and fantasy, especially if they are an aspiring artist.


My favorite character is Travis (Libby's best friend). He is just awesome and made me laugh quite a bit. He is such a good friend to Libby and his story is intriguing. I also really like Libby, which is not always the case for me when it comes to the main female characters of YA books. I usually find them annoying and immature, but Libby is not one of those typical teenage girls and, as the story goes on, she matures more than she already was.


I can't wait to read the next story in the series.


Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.