Stone & Silt

Stone and Silt - Harvey Chute

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.


Nikaia is a "half-breed" (every time this was mentioned, I could hear Cher singing all about it) and there are a couple of bullies at school that remind her of this fact. She comes from a happy home and is really enjoying her time spent with the boy next door. But things change when a dead body is found.


I must admit, it took me forever to get into this book. An hour in, I put down my Kindle and walked away - went and did some grocery shopping, watched a British Mystery on Acorn TV, had a long conversation with my neighbor - then came back in and started it over again. I think it's because my last couple of books have been action-packed, horror-strewn, where this one starts out sugary sweet. My second read, through, I really got into it and liked the story I was reading.


(I say this above because I have been reading lots of reviews lately where people have been unable to get into a book and immediately gave up. This is their choice and I understand where they are coming from, but it is almost impossible for me to DNF a book. One of my favorite books was one that I could not get into the first time I tried, but one of the times we had to evacuate for a hurricane, it was one of the books my niece grabbed off the shelf for me and it must have been the right time and place because I absolutely loved it. I don't easily give up and I'm glad that I didn't because this book was definitely worth it.)


Nikaia is a great character - she's protective of her sister and stands up for things she thinks are wrong, even if it means putting herself in danger. She is very caring and understanding - especially when it comes to helping someone that is close to her. The friendship between her and Yee Sim and the relationship she has with her sister, Klima, were especially beautiful to read about.


Harvey did a great job writing his characters - even the ones that I didn't care for, I wanted to know more about. I enjoyed the mystery of the story quite a bit and you could tell that he really did his research.


Favorite quote: "Half plus half makes neither!" (You really feel her emotions on this when she's talking about it, even want to cry with her.)


Favorite character: Nikaia, Klima and Yee Sim