Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror

Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror - Edward Lorn

From the minute I found out about that this book was in the process of being made, I knew I wanted it. The wait was insane, awful ... sooooooo long. Finally I saw the authors start posting the date of publish and I was excited. When Adam asked me if I'd be interested in reading it before it came out, I could not say yes fast enough. In fact, it was on my Kindle and waiting to be read within 5 minutes of it being sent to me - and I started it that night.


What do I think of it? Hmm...


Let's put it this way: If I were told I could only suggest five of the books I've read this year to my readers, this would, WITHOUT A DOUBT, be on that list. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. It was THAT good. All five of these authors have impressed me time and time again ... and, yes, I am impressed once more.


The Riggle Twins: I love the way Gregor writes. It's like when you see something that you're not quite sure you saw, and you turn around to make sure, and all of a sudden it jumps out at you. Yeah, that's how Gregor does his thing. Lesson learned, buddy, lesson learned. I will always always ALWAYS give out candy on Halloween night ... and never ever ever EVER answer the door when the crazy neighbor is outside crying haha. Thanks for the heads up.


Pumpkinhead Ted: Last year, when I was ready to give up on horror short stories and novellas for good (having read SO many ones that didn't scare me at all), Evans stories convinced me otherwise. Since then, I have read EVERYTHING that this guy has produced and this story, this story is one of the best. A genre should be started for stories like his - psychological horror. You know, when you're not sure if you're scared or not until you get into bed, turn out that light ... and start to think. Those stories that stay with you and pop in your head when you're minding your own business, walking down a dark path, and all of the sudden are freaked the hell out. And the end ... THE END ... wow!


Ghost Light Road: I'll admit I was a little wary of this one after reading "ghost hunters" in the description, but it went off in a way that I never expected ... only to go off in another way I never expected ... and, just like with his brother, the endings are always my favorite and ALWAYS amazing.


Easy Pickings: Loved this story. LOVED it. I think this one creeped me out more than the rest. Jason, you gave me the heebedie-geebedies, especially since I know a kid named Jack with an invisible friend named Jacob. AND they like playing games. (I think it's time I move.)


The Scare Rows: