So far ...

Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror - Edward Lorn

Two down.  Three more to go.  I must say - so far I am VERY impressed.


Lesson totally learned, Gregor.  Thank you.  I shall ALWAYS give out candy from now on.  (The other lesson I learned is a lot funnier, but you'll have to wait until I write my review haha.)


Let me tell you a little story. Get comfortable, I can be a little wordie (like Stephen King, I am :p).
            I met Evans Light (or Evans Light haha) through a post on Goodreads (I was reading Jason Parent's book and so was he). I hadn't read any of his works, but they all looked interesting. At the time, or shortly thereafter, I was ready to throw my Kindle in the trash and NEVER read another horror short story again. I was SO disappointed in the promises to scare the hell out of me, only to sit there, staring at the last page, wondering how it could end without me being scared. I decided to give his stories a try - he doesn't scare you like others scare you. It's not a gross, gory scary - with blood and guts and terror. It's more a psychological horror (is that a genre? well, it should be) - his stories are creepy and they stay with you. You don't realize that you ARE actually scared until you get into bed, turn off that light - and begin to think. Because of him, I continued on in my quest to find good horror short story writers. And for that, I owe him my thanks.


Now, let's see how you compare to the first two, Mr Adam Light.