Interesting ...

Do y'all remember the author I spoke of a couple of weeks back, the one who changed all of my interview questions?


Today I received two emails showing that he commented on that interview, plus two emails from the lady who ran the blog tour letting me know what he is saying to her.


I want to point out that I have done several blog tours with this lady and have had no issues what-so-ever with her.  She is very organized and we have found, through our chit chats, that we have a lot in common.


She says that he is heartbroken and seems genuine in how upset he is about upsetting me, but at the same time, when this first happened she sent him emails telling her how I felt.  Now he is acting like this is the first he's heard of it (you just now went to look at my blog tour posts?) and says that he never received my questions, but told her that he received her questions (which were my questions) and that's why he changed them.  (And I can't help but think: Is he upset because he upset me OR upset because I told people I was upset and that I pointed out in the intro that this was not my interview?)


Odd, don't you think?  (She says that he seems to skim emails and miss out on things that people say, she assumes because he's a busy guy.  We both agree that WE are busy and yet we find the time to read full emails, which you would think he would do when it comes to people helping promote his book.)


He gave her his cell phone number so I can call him if I want (I'm not going to call - 1 I hate talking on the phone with a passion 2 I have a problem sticking to my guns when they can sob-story me or argue) and asked her for my questions, which she sent.


Tonight I received an email from him, this time telling me that he never received them (in the comment he said that there was a miscommunication) and sent me the answers to my questions.  MY questions this time.


I did not reply.


Not yet, at least.


Being professional, honest and ethical are a big deal to me, especially when it comes to my blog.  I would like to call him a liar (or something along those sorts), but knowing that he read my vent about the whole situation, I think he has an understanding how I feel.  I feel like he threw my blog tour friend under the bus, like he played the blame game instead of taking ownership for the situation.  


I guess I'm saying this all to y'all, my amazing reader/reviewer friends, because I'd like to know what you think on the matter.  Would you post the interview?  What would you reply to him?  


As Mr. Edward Lorn has pointed out before, I'm too nice.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  What he did to me really upset me and made me feel like my blog was nothing, like my time was nothing.  That is unforgivable.  


I don't know what to do. :/