Mirror Images 2: Sons of Man

Sons of Man - C Michael Powers

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.


I originally met Chris shortly after his first book (Mirror Images 1: The Darkness of Man) was released. After a short conversation, I agreed to read his book ... and LOVED it. It was a fun book - and rather creepy considering my slight issue with mirrors. The story went off in directions I had never expected and I came to love some of the characters.


Now, I love reading and telling people how I feel about the books that I have read, but I am not one of those readers that sit around in breathless anticipation waiting for the next book from my favorite author. THIS was a book I have been waiting on and, when Chris sent me a message on Facebook asking if I was still interested in reading this, I couldn't answer him fast enough. It was on my Kindle - and I began it - that day. (I was done in 24 hours and actually fell asleep with my Kindle open because I did not want to put it down.)


I thought the first book was awesome. This book? Even better. Not only were the characters I loved back, but quite a few more were added to the mix. The book description gives a slight nod to what happens, but it goes WAY beyond that. As with the first book, the story went off in unexpected directions and there were quite a few times that I had to just put the book down and sit there, taking it all in. The adventure is great, the fight scenes are awesome, the character description and world building is done very well. And now I must wait for book #3 to see what happens next.


Favorite character: Haylay was my absolute favorite in book 1 - and he's still in the top three favorites in this book. In this one, he takes a side adventure and learns more about himself because of it.
            There are two new characters that have been added to this list: I freaking LOVE Tact ("Did he just ... did he just wink at me? haha) and Jaundice Jones is amazing (I want to know more about him, like where he got those glow sticks).