The Governess and the Stalker

The Governess and the Stalker - Mark Morey

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.


I really can't explain how I feel about this book. Parts of it were interesting, but nothing really exciting or riveting (or suspenseful, which is one of the genres that this book falls under), even when he begins to stalk her, which isn't until around 40% into the story. To be honest, at about 80%, I was ready to give up. Why, you ask? You get a vague explanation of what he's angry about, she has no clue who he is or what he's talking about, and you are basically waiting around for something to happen. The interesting parts (the new "sisters" she has of her sister-in-laws, the train crash, the time Jesse spent in jail, her husband's death) went by far too quickly (while other parts dragged out too long) and the stalking part becomes kind of tedious as we move through the story.


Jesse is never actually scary, but more of a bumbling idiot who has to run to one of Michelle's ex-employees for information and money. Michelle's self-satisfaction moments are awkward, seem forced, and take away from the story. The same with the men she becomes infatuated with along the way - it made her seem immature and naive while the author is trying to portray her as having found her way in life.


The description (the one on Amazon, not the one the author gave Sage) really caught my interest, but by 80% into the story, I just felt, well, like I had wasted my time and my expectations didn't come close to being met. A story with great potential that just fell short.


I must say that the end (approximately the last 20%) got better and questions were answered (though by then I already had an idea as to what caused all of this), but it wasn't enough to save the book for me. I felt nothing at all for the characters so, even when they were in distress, it didn't effect me. The only characters, besides the children (which you really don't know anything about, just that they are there), that I wanted to know more about were the two ladies that she met along her "adventures" (if you can call them that). I was glad to see that they were brought back at the end of the story, but it seemed like they were forgotten for most of the story, only to have everything wrapped up nice and good at the end.