Better Stay Dead: John's Shout

John's Shout - Dave Callahan

I won a copy of this book on BookLikes.


Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. There are SO MANY books out there about zombies. And zombie movies too. Some are good, some are bad, some are awesome, and some are completely awful. This one is not half bad. It’s the story of a zombie outbreak and you see how different people were effected, and how it really is a small world, especially when you see how characters connect.


I like the two different “bad guys” you have – the stronghold with military people AND the pony tail man and his entourage. They’re fun to learn about and I am hoping, as the episodes continue, that it will take a different direction and completely surprise me *fingers crossed*


I’ve read episodic stories below and, if done right, it ends like an episode on TV does – leaving things open and you wanting to know more – but I felt like this one was a little abrupt with its ending. I do want to continue the series though – and can’t wait to see what kind of ending Dave has in store for us.