Discord Trilogy 2: Abomination

Abomination (The Discord Trilogy) - Lauren Hodge, Shelby Blakely, Cassidy Donaldson

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. No other consideration was offered, expected or received.


This book is written from Alex's point of view, and begins a couple of months later in an airport, where him and Cora have gone to pick up the sister's father, Blake.

Just like the first book, the happiness is wonderful, the action is fun … and the sadness makes the reader cry (at least for me, and I'm definitely not a crier.) I liked how comfortable they have all become with each other – and reading of the pranks that they pull one each other. I like the relationship that they all have with Blake – he's a great dad. I love how much the characters learn from each other, how much they grow – and how much the reader can learn about their own lives if they open their eyes up to the things they learn in the story. (To me, that's the sign of a really good book – when it effects you far beyond what the author ever expected.)


When I began this series, I read the description to the first book, but not the second and third because I didn't want to know what happened at the end of the previous one until I read it myself. I knew, though, that everything couldn't be peaceful and happy forever – there would be no point in this book and the next – but I was still completely floored when it happened. The Noricum struck a lot harder than I thought they would (blood thirsty evil creatures? check!).

They always say, "Payback's a bi…" There's nothing that compares to what four-halfling-witch-sisters-turned-vampire can do. Wow! On their bad side is not a place you EVER want to be.


In this book, more history is unleashed, and with a small (but interesting) course on Greek mythology, we find out who the true "first vampire" is. We also find out quite a bit more about the characters and why Draco wanted to capture Tara so badly.

What a truly sad ending. But knowing there's one more book to read in the series leaves me hopeful of all that can happen with these characters.


The first person writing got much better in this story. I feel like I'm sitting around a fire listening to Grandpa tell stories from the past (something I saw on TV, not something either of my grandfathers were prone to do). It's become comfortable and flows a lot better. There are STILL those editing issues I found in the first one (missing words in sentences).


Favorite character: Teleri, but you have to read the book to find out why :)