I want to scream!!

What is the ORDEAL with authors and ARCs?!?!  Book bloggers LOVE these things, but I avoid them at all costs.  I have had a couple that were good, but these are preedited things and I feel bad talking up a book if I'm not sure if they really are going to fix all of the editing issues.


Tomorrow I have three reviews to do for one blog tour.  The first two books were good (4 stars), but their were missing words in sentences, which I consider poor editing (maybe that's the editor in me, but I have seen some of you guys go BALLISTIC when you have seen this and y'all aren't).  The third book is an ARC, BUT they are sending it out to be reviewed IN A BLOG TOUR.  The editing is AWFUL - like it was never edited in the first place.  Sentences that go one way then change, without deleting the first half.  Missing words.  And, worse, parts I have to re-read because I'm confused because a character has been called by the wrong name.


So, story, I'd say it was a 4 - I have an issue with the first person writing, but it has gotten much better since the first half of the first one - but mom is like "No one's going to trust you if it's got poor editing and you don't mark off for that" which is true, even though I plan on saying in it that the editing was awful.  Is the author going to be like "But it's an ARC" or are people going to think I'm too judgmental of an ARC? 


My thinking: If you're sending it to me to REVIEW, even if it is an ARC, you should make sure that you have certain things right - like NOT have the things I mentioned before.  An ARC with things like punctuation issues, misspelled words ... that I would let go, but this is HUGE!!


*sigh* I don't know what to do.