I have a horrible headache.

Like excruciating.

AND I took the last of my Aleve, which blows.

As usual, the Aleve made me pass out, which usually works, but not today.


I also have not had a good night sleep in days.

Why, you ask?

Because of the neighbor next door letting his kid outside anywhere between 11 and 3.

That's in the morning.

She's adorable, but I don't want to hear her screeching then.

Rude sack of POPCORN.

And the people on the other side party all night long.

Where, oh where, oh where are the security people who are supposed to walk around?

And when you call the office, you get treated like ROSES AND CHOCOLATES.

Kim, the ULTRA PLEASANT INDIVIDUAL that works nights, hangs up on you.

That is after she cuts you off mid sentence with a curt "OK!!"


I am also behind reading for two blog tours I have at the end of this week.



Ever just wanna cry?