My fellow book bloggers - and anyone else who cares to share their opinion :D

I've spoken out before about my issue with blog tours and, yes, here's another one. 


I have been dealing with this blog tour company (it seems everyone has these anymore) and, even though I was frustrated with the fact that the owner (yup, the owner) seems rather distracted and unorganized, I decided to continue on with them because she said she was working on it and because she's had some really interesting books up for tours. 


She's been good at contacting me back after I sign up to let me know about the dates, but she's still been missing out on the fact that I sign up for both an interview AND a review each time (scheduling me for just one or the other).  I finally got frustrated enough with that to ask her to let me know what I was on the schedule for - I wanted her to tell me what dates she had me down for on each tour and for what items so that we were on the same page.  She showed again how unorganized she was when she told me she doesn't have a list (then HOW do you make a schedule?!?!) and it took her a bit to get back to me, but I thought we finally had everything settled.  This weekend I received some information on a blast I had forgotten I had signed up for, but since she never confirmed it, I didn't schedule it in.  This morning she asked me to email her with my link when I had it up and I let her know that, since she hadn't confirmed it, I didn't know she still needed me.  She was very condescending about the whole thing, just like she has been every other time she has made a mistake. 


She might be a nice lady, but this is really crap - and her being nice does not make up for the fact that she's doing this to her customers (the authors).  I mean, I don't know how these blog tour companies work - I assume they get paid for all the work that they do.  Don't authors have a problem with the ball that is dropped constantly?  This is not the first company I've had a problem with, as anyone who has read these before knows.  She's missed out on either a review or interview on four different cases AND almost missed out on both with the book in question (she had me only signed up for the blast, but when she sent me my portion of the chart, it showed that I had signed up for both of them).


So, I guess here's my question: I have pretty much severed my relationship with this "company," especially since she never contacted me back after me voicing my complaints and asking that, if she is not the owner, to have the owner contact me.  Would it be rude/unprofessional of me to not take part in these blog tours?  I did receive the books and have no problem reading them and writing a review, but I don't want my name with this blog tour company anymore.  How should I go about handling this?  Should I contact the authors myself and let them know that I have severed my relationship or does that make me look petty and unprofessional? 


What do you think?