Binds That Tie

Binds That Tie - Kate Moretti

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.  No other consideration was offered, expected or received.

This book is ... wow!  It was almost impossible to put this book down.  The suspense was intense.  The storyline powerful.  Some of the twists unexpected.  The use of flashbacks was smooth, creative and informative.  And with an ending that ...

Maggie and Chris have been married for some time and have been - unhappily may be too strong a word, but it will work for this - married for the last two years, ever since Maggie caught Chris cheating on her.  One night, while out with friends, she meets a guy and they flirt.  The next day, he texts her and they begin, what she feels is harmless, flirting for a couple of weeks.  At the same time, she comes to the conclusion that she wants to make her marriage work ... and that is where everything goes wrong.

While doing the interview with Kate yesterday, she said something that really caught my attention: "With Binds That Tie, I wrote fairly unsympathetic characters."  I had actually been wondering about whether that was her intention.  You see, there's Maggie and Chris, Miranda and Jake, Logan ... and then several side characters, including two police officers, a judge, people they work with, and a short-stayed cell mate.  At first I liked Maggie (sort of) and took issue with what Chris had done to her, which made me  not really like him.  Then I met Miranda (Maggie's older sister) and Jake.  Now, Miranda made a few choices that I did not agree with, but I sympathized with her, especially the one part in the story where Maggie hasn't seen her in awhile and the first thing she does is notice all of Miranda's physical imperfections (this is how my sister is).  Jake seems like a likable guy, but you realize in those flashbacks I spoke of earlier that he has his moments of not-niceness.  He does seem sincere, though, in wanting to help his old friend and his sister-in-law out of this situation, but here comes another flashback, which leaves you with this bad taste in your mouth, wondering if you can trust him at all.  And then there's Logan, the guy that ends up murdered - he seems like an interesting guy, a typical full-of-himself guy you would meet at a bar, but then he turns out to be terrifying.  As the story progresses, I end up liking Chris, but being irritated with him for his stupidity, and disliking Maggie more than I disliked any of the other characters.

I really like the flow of the story.  There are very few slow moments, so you're on the edge of your seat pretty much the whole book, once the that night in their house happens.  When the cops knock on the door, you panic with them.  It's well done, especially the way she doesn't switch point of view, but switches the narrator's focus to different characters, letting you know who in the chapter title. 

There is actually so much that I want to say about this book, but I am not the one to go and give too much away, so, go up there to the top, press the little linky thing that takes you to Amazon or B&N or wherever it is that you buy your books from, purchase the book, read it, and then come back to me and we'll talk. :)


(You can see the interview that I did with her yesterday over on The Gal in the Blue Mask.)