Ritual Tea

Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life - Mario Zeleny

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have a love for hot tea that has been described, at least by some, as old-fashioned.  I drink it while relaxing with a book (my favorite place for reading and tea is on my porch in my "garden") and would love to have the kind of friends that I could invite over for tea.  I collect teapots and have a large amount of mugs in my kitchen, one to go with every mood.  It is just "my thing."

When Dorothy (from Pump Up Your Book) sent out her little email saying that a blog tour for this was coming up and she needed bloggers, I could not reply fast enough.  And, after being unable to put it down, I am so glad that I did.

This book is chock full of information: the history of tea; what tea means to people around the world through through their rituals and the uses of tea; the magic behind all of these rituals; how to make tea rituals effective and life changing; ten tea rituals that you can try at home (everything you would need to know about each); how to create your own ritual; tea information that can help you make good choices in purchasing tea (including an interview with Brian Pfeiffer, the man behind Design a Tea); interesting information about tea accessories and "condiments;" and a list of over thirty links to free tea products (books, information, recipes ... even free tea!!).  Plus, he offers a free e-course that accompanies this book (you'll find the information inside).

Now, I know that "tea ritual" can be daunting for some ... even a little scary ... but it is not what you are thinking at all.  We're not talking about those absolutely beautiful and very detailed tea rituals they do in China and Japan - he does describe in detail how to make tea like they do in Egypt and Morocco, though - but things on a much smaller scale that can help you clear your mind and your heart.  There is one that will help you sleep better, one for gratitude, etc.  Think of them as exercises in self actualization - there are a couple I can't wait to try.

Even if you are not someone who is as interested in hot tea as I am, this is definitely a book that I recommend, not only for what you learn about tea, but for what you learn about life in general ... and about making your life better.

I'm sure you're wondering why I gave this book a 4 then, huh?  It's quite simple.  The review copy I received (through PUYB, but sent to her from the publisher) had quite a few editing issues.  Now, anyone who follows my reviews knows that I don't usually count off for these, but there are times when the missing letters (i.e. every word that has two Ls in it only has one), the spaces in the middle of words and other editing mishaps really start to take away from the book.  Also, there are times where things jump around and I felt like the author did not finish his thoughts, leaving me wondering what more he had to say. 

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.