The Witch's Salvation

The Witch's Salvation - Francesca Pelaccia

What an interesting storyline - a witch; an ancient curse; two families (and their followers) immortalized and "trapped," one side to never enter Wallachia again, the other side never to leave; and Vlad III.  When the witch ("Strigoaic") sends Matthias (and his friend Alex) to kidnap Anasztasia, they had no idea who she was - or what their actions were starting.  Now they are being forced to marry (on the witch's orders) to release their families after over 500 years - and neither are happy.

The Strigoaic had given them another option, marriage being an afterthought - go back in time to Easter Sunday, 1457, the day the Strigoaic's family had been killed, the day the curse began.  The challenge: Bring her back the Golden Cup.  Would that be better than a forced marriage?  They end up not having a choice.

The adventure is definitely exciting and the story of all that happened, in the past and in the present, was incredible and well-written.  I want to know more about these families, more about these characters - and plan to read anything else that this author puts out.  This story was definitely unique.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.