Hex Breaker: The Hex Breaker's Eyes 1

The Hex Breaker's Eyes - S.D. Tennant

What would you think if, on the way home one evening with your best friend, you notice a girl across the street *blink blink* glowing?  And, even more, what would you think if your best friend thought you were lying - or, worse, crazy - because she doesn't see it?  This is how the story begins for Mindee ... and it is only the beginning of the adventure.

I like the main character's attitude about life, the way she expresses herself, the way she thinks.  A well done first-person narrative.  All of the characters in this great.  Her friends - I'd totally hang out with them.  Not only do I want to read more of this interesting series, but I would also be interested to read anything else this author writes.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.