The Mastermind Academy 1: The Silver Strand

The Silver Strand: Book 1 of the Mastermind Academy Series - LJ Clarkson

After some surprising events in school one day, Isabella finds out that her mom has been keeping a big secret from her.  That night she meets two interesting, um, people from her mom's past - and heads off to Mastermind Academy on an adventure to save her magic, her life - and much more.

I totally fell in love with the cover of this book.  But I was disappointed in this book.

The whole idea of bleeding pink dust and growing a silver strand of hair sounded really unique and interesting, but when it played out at the beginning of the story, it ended up being stupid.  "A cold and metallic rod ran from the temple to her shoulder.  She twirled the chunky, silver hair between her thumb and forefingers.  It gave off fuchsia colored sparkles at her touch."  It became even more stupid when you find out that it is literally silver.

There is some bullying in this book and, instead of the coach stepping in and immediately taking care of it, it's as if he joins in.  Now, I do like the comment he makes at the end of gym class, but by then it is too late.

Once they set off for the school, things do get a little better, but not enough to make up for the beginning. 

I usually really like YA books and try to enjoy it like I did when I was younger, so you can understand how this was a bit disheartening for me.  I may consider reading the rest of the series, though, just so I can find out what happens, but I won't rush to grab it up.

Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.