Zombie Housewives 2: Zombie Models

Zombie Models - Ami Blackwelder

Neither one of these lovely young ladies could have imagined what their day would end up being like as they headed to Excited Modeling on Lincoln Street that morning.

I actually thought this would be a separate story from the first and, while reading Zombie Housewives, I was racking my brain thinking of all the ways the models could turn into models: same brand of tainted makeup, hair spray, tanning lotion, etc.  Turns out it is a continuation, like a second chapter in a novel, but still good.  According to the book description on Amazon, this is a "stand-alone" novel, but I really don't feel like it is one because, without the first book ("chapter"), you have too many questions as you read through this one.

I'm actually curious to see how far this story can go and would like to see this series go further.