Garden of Eden Anthology

Garden of Eden Anthology (Biblical Legends Anthologies Series) - JD DeHart;Jason Bougger;Gary Hewitt;James J. Stevenson;AmyBeth Inverness;Shelley Chappell;William J. Teegarden;Schevus Osborne;Vataris Erin

I really liked this collection.  All were based on The Garden of Eden in some way, but all were very different from what you are used to ... through the eyes of dust, or the first cockroach ever ... through the eyes of their nosy neighbor, or the bird that tried to stop the serpent from having his conversation with Eve ... from a sci-fi point of view ...

These stories were so well done that I plan to see what else each of these authors have done and give 'em a read.  Definitely a good, quick read - fun and really make you think.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.