Awesome ideas!!

You ever come up with an idea that you think is super awesome

only to find out that a blogger you follow does the same thing?


I recently started following this book blogger who I think does a GREAT job.

She's all into helping fellow bloggers, gives great advice, and has great taste in books.


I've only been looking at what she has posted AFTER I followed her, though -

I'm lucky if I'm not busy enough to post on my own blog, let alone read everyone else's.


(There's a point here.  I promise.)


After seeing a few bloggers I follow "tag" each other -

answering questions, asking some more, tagging others -

I though it would be fun to interview a few bloggers,

because all bloggers stick together.


Then I saw that this lady does it.

I sure hope she doesn't think that I'm copying her.

Now I'm overthinking.

Silly, silly me.