I am at a loss

Hello good people of BookLikes.  I have a situation I would like your opinion on. 


If you have read ANY of my reviews this year, you will see that almost every one of them says "Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review" at the bottom.  On top of all what I have read (plus 5 I have to review still and 2 I'm in the middle of and will be reviewing soon), I still have a good sized list of things to read.  In fact, I feel like that's ALL I do anymore.  I have a whole list of ideas I want to blog about that just sits there on a piece of paper because, if I'm not reading, I'm reviewing.  (Note: I am not complaining.  I love reading and reviewing.  I may be a tad stressed, though.  Continue reading and you'll find out why.)


Some of these books I took on because I wanted to.  Some of these books I took on because someone asked and, well, I have a hard time saying no, plus they looked interesting.  And some of these books I was, in all honesty, guilted into reading.  (Authors, please, when a reader/reviewer says no, please leave it at that.  Don't keep coming back and, if they do agree after you badger them long enough, please don't contact them once or twice a week asking them when they will be done.  It really takes away any possible desire to sit down and read it.  And eventually they will just delete it from their e-reader and never reply to you again.)


Here's my thing.  I have a hard time DNF-ing anything.  I put it away for awhile and later on try again.  But when you're "under the gun" with an r2r (I do tell people ahead of time that it may take me a bit to get to it), you can't just put it away, especially when an author is "waiting around" for you to review it.  So, what should you do?  I, personally, don't like writing a review if I have not finished the book.  Should I contact the author and say that I'm just not feeling their book at this time and that I will try again at a later time?  I mean, they gave me this book for free - something they didn't have to do - and even though some of the authors who have contacted me lately say that they know I'm not under any obligation to write a review just because they sent me a book, I received a lot of requests from people on Goodreads without any such understanding (that I know of).  And now I feel guilty.  (I'm Catholic.  We, as a people, have guilt - that's our thing *shrugs*)  And being guilty is making me stressed out.



So, what do you have to say on this matter?  Any advice or opinions?  What do you do when you are in the same situation? 


Or you can just tell me your favorite peanut butter. *shrugs* Either one will work for me. :p