Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz

Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz - Joe Brusha

A friend of mine reviewed this on BookLikes, which is what originally brought this to my attention.  I love the cover, even though Dorothy is dressed like Daisy Duke.  Even though the friend wasn't absolutely in love with this book, I had to search it out and give it a try.  I mean, I am obsessed with anything Oz, so how could I pass this up?

There's been a lot of re-tellings of famous fairy tales, including Oz and it's inhabitants, and I liked this one.  It was different.  I liked the way that the characters were portrayed, the quest they had to go on in order to defeat the witch, the trickery (a "bad guy" being in the midst), and the fight scenes.  I, however, think I could have lived a lot longer without seeing so many shots of Dorothy's panties, the fact that I feel Dorothy was completely dumbed down in the beginning (was I the only one that noticed the door would not open because she had her feet on it?), and I know it's a thing in graphic novels, but what is with the women all dressed really provocatively (but then there is some eye candy for the ladies - the lion and other characters are rather ripped).  I think the artwork is beautiful and I really liked the "end" to the witch in this version.

If you're like me and love anything Oz, you should check this out.  But don't say I didn't tell you so on the outfits.

Note: I received a copy of this from NetGallery.