Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground

Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground - Matthew Chojnacki

I am a huge fan of art and movies so, when I came across this book, I just could not resist.  I agree wholeheartedly with the author's intro - movie posters these days (except for a small few) are quite sad.  They don't put the time and effort into them - into portraying the movie - like they once did.   This book is full of absolutely amazing pieces of art - some simplistic, some elaborate - and the added artist bios were a lot of fun to read, especially the "behind the poster" sections.  These artists really captured the movies in a truly beautiful way.  This is the kind of movie art that I want in my home (and what's awesome is the author provides the websites where you can find these guys). 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves movies, whether you are old enough to remember the awesome movie posters from the 70s and 80s or not.  I think that, once you see these, you will take a new look at the movies that are portrayed. 

Note: I got this from NetGalley.