Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience

Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience Empowering you to create your - Marquita Herald

[This is the correct cover, but when I agreed to do a review of this book, I was actually told the title was Stepping Stones to Emotional Resilience: A Guide to Embracing Your Inner Strength. According to Goodreads and BookLikes, it is called Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience: Empowering You to Create Your Own Life Experience *shrugs*]

There are self-help books I read and then set aside, ones that tell me nothing new and are quickly forgotten; there are ones I learn from, ones that I jot down a few passages from and make me think; then there are ones that light a fire inside of me, begin a journey, lead me down a path of learning and change.  This book is one of the latter and you can tell this by all the highlighting I've done inside.  It speaks of things I've heard before, but the way it is written, the way the information is provided and the exercises are enlightening and got my mind going before I was even done reading the first chapter.  This book is full of empowering quotes and includes stories of people who followed this journey. 

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.