Never Give Up On True Love

Never Give Up on True Love: The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn is to Love and To Be Loved in Return - Bernice McDonald

Having just had something end, having this book suggested to me for an r2r really seemed like some higher power trying to speak to me.  I really am glad that I chose to read it.  I like the way she laid the book out, making general points, then specific points, which she goes into detail on.  I like that she gives you steps and answers the questions herself as well.  I like that this is based on things that she learned while going through this, that she knows the pain you're going through and wants to - sincerely - help you through it to be a better person.  I also like that it's not like other break up books that I've read in the past - this one talks about making yourself a better you and shows you how to love the right way, not selfishly but selflessly.  She did a great job with this book.  She takes a personal subject and continues to keep it personal, which makes, at least in my opinion, advice that much more meaningful.

Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.