The Hummingbird Way

The Hummingbird Way: Putting Hover, Zip, and Zoom to Work in Your Life! - Sherri Lynea Gerek

The way this book is written is beautiful.  Each chapter begins with a story written while observing different hummingbirds that the author cares for and feeds on her property.  Each story leads into what she is tying to teach you with that lesson.  She had a lot of great things to say - very motivational - as well as some great advice.  Each chapter/lesson also has a worksheet to help you learn what she (and the hummingbirds) are teaching you.  Everything she wrote REALLY made me think.  I especially liked the hummingbird story for Lesson 16 and the story about her grandchildren in Lesson 15 brought happy tears to my eyes.

Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.