I ... am ... LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL of my reviews on Amazon are gone.  ALL OF THEM!!!!  And customer service can't tell me anything so I have to wait until their special group for reviews researches the problem. 


I thought when E asked if I removed them from his books, there was some sort of glitch.  Then I got an email from Chris (C Michael Powers) asking me the same thing.


I go look at my profile and there's nothing.  0 reviews, 0 helpful votes.  I have over 100 reviews on Amazon and, as of yesterday, I had something like 136 helpful votes.  My rating is 9,110.


I don't do anything wrong.  I don't break any rules.  I don't piss anyone off.  I am super polite to readers, reviewers, bloggers AND authors.


Where...the hell...is my stuff?!?!


Shouldn't they notify me WHY if they plan on deleting EVERY SINGLE ONE of my reviews?!?!