We'll call this one: The great baby debacle :D

Sharing the two stories I shared yesterday about my nieces has made me in the best mood (better than I have felt in a long time).  I just thought of another one.  I hope you guys don't mind.


Idgie loves babies.  She was always asking me when I was going to give her a cousin, especially after their daddy had two sons with his now-ex girlfriend.  She was very insistent on the matter, like I needed to give her one, like, right now.


There had always been questions about where do babies come from and I didn't want to tell them storks (thankfully their mom and dad agreed on this matter), so we agreed that, when the time was right, we would deal with the answer together.  Then, apparently after I left the room, they decided that all questions on this matter would be sent to me o_O Way to throw me under the bus.  Thankfully the only time these questions came up was when we were in a public place and I would always let them know that we could discuss it later because it wasn't an appropriate conversation, which worked.


Now, my sister is a very sound sleeper and will answer anything when she's asleep - if you ever want to know the truth, make sure you catch her sleeping on the couch to ask. 


So one day, I was upstairs (we lived in a townhome at the time) and my sister was asleep on the couch.  All of a sudden I hear Idgie yell my name and start stomping up the stairs to where I was at.  Here is how the conversation went:


IDGIE: Meghan, you can NOT have a baby.

ME: *laughing* Why not, honey?  You wanted me to just last week.

IDGIE" *with a look of disgust on her face* Do you know where they come from?

ME: *nervous* Um... do you know where they come from?

IDGIE: Meghan, they come from your COOTER.  YOUR COOTER, MEGHAN!!


All I could do was laugh and think in my head, "If she only knew HOW they got in your cooter, she'd probably never talk to a guy again."