We'll call this one: Why you should never take 5 year old twins to church by yourself :D

I'm Catholic.  My nieces are baptized Catholic.  This is just one of our church experiences.


Wherever we went when they were smaller, they would both fight to get to sit next to me, so I always made sure there was room on both sides of me - I have two sides, there are two of them, this stopped lots of arguments right off.  So, we were at church, Ris on my right, Idgie on my left.  This was one of the special masses - I can't remember what holiday it was, but it was one of the ones where they used incense and sprinkled holy water across the people there.  (I haven't even got to the part and I already can't control my laughter.  This is a story I can't tell out loud because of that.)  So, we're sitting there in our pew and all of a sudden Ris yells out, ":Who threw water at me?"  She was SO angry.  And of course, just like I am now, I can't get the laughter under control so I can explain anything to her.  She finally gets herself under control (and I am finally able to stop laughing like some kind of psycho in church) and we continue on with mass.  I like the left hand side of church (I don't know why) and in this particular church, the choir pit was on the left side, which means we have to walk past it.  Between the two of them, they manage to knock over one of the microphones in the choir pit and it is LOUD when it falls.  Everybody stared at us ... AGAIN.  And I ... I bust out laughing again.  They probably thought we were heathens.  I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out hahaha.