I would like your opinion

I noticed a few weeks ago that I am able to add ads to my blog if I wish to.  And I have seen many blogs - book related and not - with ads all over the place.  According to Blogger/Google, if I do it with them, they will only suggest adding ones that relate to the subject matter of my blog, but I haven't fully looked into this.


On one hand, I think this would be a cool idea, but only if they are book related.  On the other hand, I see these all the time, ads that are taking over blogs that I could like if it wasn't for all that nonsense all over the place, nonsense that makes the page too busy to enjoy or makes the page take forever to load or has music blaring or has nothing to do with the page I'm looking at...


Here recently I've noticed that some bloggers are doing "specials" for ads on their pages - usually things like 1 month of an ad plus a promotion during that month for x amount of dollars - ranging from $30-50, some even higher than that.


So, after a long conversation with my mother on this, here is my question - Do you think these ads are tacky?  Do you look at them when you go to people's blogs?  If you don't look at these ads, why?  What is it that turns you off of them?  What would make you look at these ads.  Now, you don't have to answer all the questions, but I'm curious.


(Note: I think $30 is highway robbery.  I just thought I'd point that out.)