Heroes for Hire: Risking It All for Her Boss

Risking It All for Her Boss: A Heroes for Hire novel - Sharron McClellan

For anyone who has been following my reviews, you know that I have been taking myself out of my "I hate romance" comfort zone this month.  This is another one on my list. 

And, again, for anyone who has been following my reviews, no I did not choose this one for it's cover haha.  When it comes to anything romance-based, I have to read the full book description (while, at other times, I either skim it or ignore it all together) because I need to know if it is actually something I will enjoy.

This one, being under the genre of suspense, thriller and mystery, was right up my alley.  I really liked the story when it came to the mission that they were on and the twist at the end - completely not what I expected.  Once the cop shows up ... I sat there with my mouth wide open reading as fast as I could, completely shocked by the events that were happening on the page.

My issues with the book didn't take away from my enjoyment of the suspense, but at the same time annoyed me to no end.  First of all, Eva - oh my God!! Eva - she is probably one of the most annoying women I have ever read about in a book.  Now, you may love her, and I won't blame you if you do, but to me, she was just too much.  I get that she loved this guy and he hurt her and now they had to work together, but sheesh (You still worked together and he was one of your bosses, Eva, so you had to know that the possibility was there.  And if he hurt you so bad, why do you keep throwing yourself at him, only to feel guilty afterwards?).  I know I know, you're saying "Meghan, that's the romance part" and I get that, but it just didn't seem logical to me (but then maybe romance isn't supposed to be logical).  Secondly, there are some editing issues, which didn't effect my rating, but this is the third book I've read from this publishing company and all three (different authors) had editing issues.  Third, there was action throughout the whole thing, but it doesn't get really good until about the last maybe 75% and, as I've noticed with other books that are romance-based, everything is wrapped up into a pretty little box at the end (the happy ending/happily ever after thing) which is great and all, but it just seems a little TOO easy.  Fourth, I think that the author spent too much time dealing with the romance part and not enough time with the rest.  I think, if she had backed away a bit from all the longing for each other nonsense, making the romance more of a side note, that this would have been an even better book (but that is just my opinion.)

Would I read another from this series?  Yes.  Would I suggest it to someone else?  Yes. 

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.