Around a Different Corner

Around a Different Corner - Jay Nabonne

Under my new book selection guidelines (based on cover and genre, instead of reading a book description that gives away too much information or doesn't do it justice, leaving me open to the wonderful surprises that a book holds), I would have never chosen this book.  Why?  Because the book cover is just not appealing - and people DO judge books based on their cover.  But I did choose it, mainly because it was a selection of short stories and, even though I have been left burned by short stories on several occasions, I am still curious enough to keep reading them.

Despite the cover, I am very glad I picked this one up.  There are some really good stories in here and none of them what I expected at all.  They make you think and isn't that one of the good things about stories?  The first two are, by far, my favorites. 

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.