My small book haul from last week

Far Eastern Odyssey Publisher: BBC Books - Rick Stein Miss Piggy's Rules: Swine-Tested Secrets for Catching Mr. Right, Keeping Him & Throwing Him Back When You'Ve Had Enough - Jim Lewis

I love Rick Stein.  When one of you (you know who you are :D) recommended this book over to me on Goodreads, I decided to look it up on Amazon on a whim and, after finding a good price on a used copy, purchased it right away.  It came this past week and just getting this heavy package made me smile.  It is in amazing condition, way better than I actually expected it to be - and I've already marked a few recipes that I want to try soon.  (So, thanks for recommending it to me :D)


Miss Piggy's Rules - well, anyone who's been following me knew I ordered some of her books - one more is still on its way.  I'm excited to sit down and read these and have flipped through some of the pages.  She always makes me smile.


(BookLikes - I'd like to bring something to your attention.  It is a little frustrating to look up a book by it's title and get told it's not in your database, especially when you look it up by the author and it's right there - the exact same title you put in.  I've had this happen with quite a few books.  Just an FYI.)