Happy Crap Day!!



I could go on and on about my reasons behind the name, but I've probably alienated everyone on Facebook with my soap-box-esque tirade haha so I will skip all that and head directly for the awesome Crap Day story.


(It's short, you don't have to get all comfortable or anything.)


Ok so any of you who have had a real conversation with me KNOW that my nieces are my entire world.  Since the day they were born, they have always been my Valentines.  When their mother and I were still on speaking terms, I would take them out to eat every year and buy them each a little something - and the weekend closest to it, my sister (their mother) and I would take them somewhere cool (movies, bookstore, zoo, whatever).


A few years ago, they gave me this awesome stuffed dog "with tattoos" (haha it has an embroidered heart and an embroidered Love on it and that's how they described it) for Crap Day (Ferdinand is his name and he still lays on my bed) along with a card that said ...


Happy Crap Day, Meghan!

Thank you for being our crap.

~Ris and Idgie~


*dramatic pause* hahahahahahahahahahaha I love those girls!!


So, for those of y'all who celebrate Valentine's Day, I wish you a very happy one.  For those of y'all who celebrate Crap Day - welcome to my world haha - and I hope you have a happy one as well.  :)