The Templar Chronicles 1: The Heretic

The Heretic (Templar Chronicles #1) - Joseph Nassise

Funny thing about this book.  I received it last week as an r2r and was so excited to receive this book - Knights Templar + Demons, I mean, how could I resist? - and when I went to Amazon today to add my review, I found out that I had already purchased this book (I had found it for free on Amazon at one point and grabbed it) and had completely forgotten that I had done so.  No wonder I was so excited haha.  This is actually the third book that I have done this to.  I guess that's proof positive that these books were books I would read even if I hadn't received them for free.

I really like the idea of a modern day Knights Templar and the story that went with it.  The characters were great - they were well-written and likeable, even when the people around them were afraid of them.  The Beyond was an interesting place that I hope to find out more about in the rest of the series.  The action was non-stop (one of the things I love about books like this) and the bad guys, the demons, the fog, the Revenants - impressive.