Jack: The Tale of Frost

Jack: The Tale of Frost - Tony Bertauski

Last Christmas, I found Claus: Legend of the Fat Man on Amazon, read it and loved it.  (If you haven't read it, you NEED to.)

In October, the author messaged me and asked me if I would be interested in reading the sequel to that story - a story about Jack.  Considering how I felt when I finished Claus (wanting to know more about the character of Jack), I could not pass up this opportunity.

When I was finally able to sit down and read the story, I could not put it down.  I would force myself to stay away at night, wanting and needing to finish the story.

From the first page it draws you in.  And it was not what I expected.  None of it was.  It's Jack now, along with new characters and one particularly important character from the past.  A character that, without him, this story would have never been able to take place.

It was action packed, with moments that made you think, moments that made you care, moments that taught you about love and people and ... and it was amazing and beautiful ... and, though I didn't think it was possible, much better than the first. 

And the ending .... Wow!  I mean, the whole ending felt that way but the very end, the last couple of paragraphs ... when I finished I literally sat there with my hand over my mouth just ... frozen.

Amazing.  And another must read.  I can't wait to see what happens in the third.