The Last Days of Krypton

The Last Days of Krypton - Kevin J. Anderson

This is one of those books that I could read again and again - and have, actually, haha. It was first purchased in a small bookstore at the airport several years ago and it was read within the first half of my flight.

I loved seeing what led up to Superman/Clark Kent being sent here to Earth. What a story? It even catches you up on some of the bad guys from the movie. Superman fans, THIS is a MUST READ.

Ok, I promised that I would come back later and add to this review. I should start out by saying that Superman is one of my favorite superheroes and it has been that way since I was younger. It has sat on my bookshelf for years and has not only been read by several of my friends, but also by myself quite a few times. It's just THAT good. It answers questions. That's how I've explained the book to others. I have never had the opportunity to sit down and read all of the comic books, so while watching the movies, the cartoons and reading the comic books that I have, I have had many questions, and been too embarrassed to ask the nerd-boys I know. This book answered them all for me ... and then some. It explains exactly what brought the end of Krypton. It explains the guys they put in the mirror in the movie. It explains a lot about Superman's mom and dad, about the political structure of Krypton. And it's a great story to boot. Highly, Highly, Highly recommended. (How did that line go??? Oh yeah ...) ...But don't take my word for it. (*shakes head solemnly* sadly, no one will get that)