Jake West Trilogy #3: The Estian Alliance

The Estian Alliance (Jake West, #3) - M.J. Webb

I have been a bad reviewer, fan and friend. I finished this book a little over a week ago, but then life happened and I totally forgot to come back and write a review. *holds head down in shame* If only I could get a job where all I had to do was read all day - and I got paid well doing it - my life would be perfect. :)

So, here goes ...

Anyone who has been following my reviews of this series knows how much I love it, but this book - THIS book - is the best of the trilogy. There is actually not anything that I don't like about it, which is weird because usually, when it comes to books, I can name at least one or two small things that nag at me a little when I get to the end. The description of the BIG war, the no turning back moment, is really good. I love how there are these moments where a secret is shared and at first you're shocked and then there's this moment of - clarity - where you realize that you should have known that all along. Then, as that secret gets shared with all those involved, the end result is just beautiful. The end of the book answers every question that has been opened and more some ... and yet ... well, I've already told him that he needs to write another adventure for this young man because I just didn't get enough.

If you have not put this trilogy on your MUST READ list, then you better hurry up and do so.

I did receive the entire trilogy free in exchange for my HONEST review. :)